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You Got to Love Jim Irsay and his Tweets

That almost sounds like it could be the name of a band--Irsay and the Tweets; if it happens you heard it here first. Anyway...

If you got tired of following the owner of the Indianapolis Colts after he kept saying that a deal with Andrew Luck was close (for about a month) then your missing some real gems from the tweet master himself.

To make the long story short, on Thursday he gave fans a little something to get excited about by teasing us that the Colts are going to make some big trade for a veteran player soon. He later appeared to back off the talk only to get back on and then finally back away a little bit before calling it a night.

In the end it was kind of hard to tell whether the team was looking to make a trade, take a trade, walk the dog, or play pinochle. His intentions were not exactly clear, but that's the genius that is Jim Irsay, Tweet Master.

Today he stirred the pot a little more by once again making it seem like the team is actively seeking a trade. At the same time he talked about watching the waiver wire so what he really meant to say was that the team is looking to improve by any means necessary.

Or the team is looking for a trade.

Or it isn't going to do anything.

Or maybe he is just trying to do a little guerrilla marketing for his team by acting like a crafty, rich fox.

Or maybe he is just bored.

Or maybe he got hacked because he rarely goes more than a tweet or two without somekind of rock reference.Then again, he did tweet some sort of ridiculous contest after talking about the waiver wire/trades Friday. Maybe it is him...

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No Expectations and What to do with Austin Collie

(Lexington Herald\u002dLeader/Zuma Press/Icon SMI)

The Indianapolis Colts are in a rather unique position. No one on earth expects them to be any good this season. In fact, the majority of the world fully believes that they are going to be pretty bad. IN a nut shell these guys are supposed to suck and suck bad (and not for Luck this time).

So essentially no matter what they do they are going to exceed the expectations that are being laid out (easy, since there are not any).

Personally, I think these guys are going to shock some people. I think they are going to win more than anyone thinks. They have talent on the team and the coaching staff to put it all together. Yes, there are some holes on the squad, but every team has holes. One of the signs of a champion is being able to overcome them.

One of the guys that many have figured into the plans of the Colts this year is wide receiver Austin Collie. In his last season with Peyton Manning throwing to Colts wide outs he began to show potential making 58 grabs in just nine games for 649 yards and eight touchdowns.

Last year was a step backwards statistically of course--it was for everyone on the Colts roster last season. With Andrew Luck coming in and Collie be shifted out of the slot to the outside it became time for the world to see what he can do.

But maybe we shouldn't.

Collie suffered his third concusion since November 2010 in the team's last contest against the Pittsburgh Steelers. In case you are not aware that is not good; not good at all.

Too many concussions can cause permanent brain damage and make life in the golden years feel like anything but precious. Once you get one it is easier to get the second, third, and so on (if you continue playing at that point).

As great as the game is, there comes a time when health has to be more important. Collie needs to be asking himself--or someone needs to shout it in his ear--that maybe he should consider calling it a day.

I hate saying it. I like the guy a lot. He's a gritty. tough, inspiring player that plays the game the way it is meant to be played. The sport will be worse off without him. That being said ask any old lineman as his knees creak walking up the steps if he wished he had quit before he got that last major knee injury and I think it is easy to figure out what he'll say.

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Second Preseason Game Tells Tennessee Titans a Lot

(Cliff Welch/Icon SMI)

Two of the four teams in the AFC South played in preseason action on Friday night, the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars. While all the questions the team had were not answered both say a few things that they had to like:

Titans head coach Mike Munchak was hoping to see Jake Locker take a big step forward in his development tonight and take over the starter's role, but instead it looked like he was not quite ready for prime time yet. Locker was 4-11 for 21 yards and one interception--not exactly much for a head coach to rest his hat on.

Hasselbeck wasn't much better in the yards department with just 29, but his 4-5 throwing is pretty nice. It's hard to say that Hasselbeck deserves to start though. If the quarterback play is going to be lackluster the team might as well go with Locker. Since he's young the team can at least hope he'll improve.

Titans can believe that CJ2K is back for the time being. Chris Johnson looked like the running back of old against the Bucs. On the night he had 10 carries for 46 yards and two TDs.

The team could find itself in a rather unique situation this season. Darius Reynaud is listed as a wide receiver, but on the night had seven carries for 75 yards including a long of 39 yards.Reynaud did well last week as well running five times for 29 yards, most of coming on a 21-yard romp for a TD. He also returned a punt 85 yards to paydirt.

It will be interesting to see how the team decides to utilize Reynaud going forward. His value as a return man is pretty obvious so far (TD last week; 42-yard return this week). Could the team decide to feature the run this year behind Johnson and Reynaud?

It has worked in the past (Johnson and LenDale White). Although White was more of a power back and neither Johnson or Reynaud fit that role. It will still be interesting to see what the team will do going forward. if Reynaud keeps making plays like he has been the Titans would be foolish not to get the ball in his hands.

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