Keep Faith in Blake Bortles

For some reason the armchair quarterbacks of this world (myself included) are so quick to abandon men that are selected to lead an organization. The quarterbacks that are asked immediately (out of college) to make adjustments, read complex defenses, and ultimately win football games have an extreme uphill battle. Playing quarterback in the National Football League is arguably the toughest job in the NFL. We need to give quarterbacks like Mariota, Winston, Bridgewater, RGIII, Luck, and Bortles and chance for growth and development. Not every quarterback who immediately starts has the early success that Russell Wilson had. (I am intentionally leaving out Wentz and Prescott as they have only played 3 & 4 games, respectively.)

At 6'5, 245 lbs he looks like your prototypical quarterback. Many people forget that he can scoot a little for his stature. In 2014, Bortles had a rush of over 20+ yards seven times. That was second only to Russell Wilson. He also led the team to it's biggest comeback in team history in overcoming a 21 point deficit to the New York "football" Giants. His 2015 campaign was much brighter (from a numbers standpoint) than his rough 2014 rookie season. Throwing for a league high 35 touchdowns and nearly 4,500 yards, which were extreme jumps from 11 touchdowns and 2,908 yards. Unfortunately his reads, footwork, and throwing mechanics have improved very little in just over three seasons. That's the part where us as fans need to be more understanding and supportive of the process that it takes for a quarterback to be successful in the NFL.

What people don't understand about quarterbacks in the National Football League is it takes time to develop guys. Everyone's timeline is different. Aaron Rodgers didn't get drafted by the Green Bay Packers and immediately have success. Heck, it was the furthest thing from it. He slid much further than anticipated in the 2005 draft (24th pick). Once he was drafted, he didn't start a game at quarterback until the 2008 season. And look at him now. A super bowl champion, 2 time league MVP, and one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. I am not saying Bortles is going to be Rodgers, but what I am saying is it took a long journey for Rodgers to get to where he is today. Let Blake grow and learn. We must be patient with quarterbacks. 

He has weapons around him and their team continue to get better each year. So everyone. Let's take a step back and a deep breath. As fans, let's give him some time to develop, okay?